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“It is no longer about the survival of the fittest, it is about the survival of the fitters.” Thomas Malloy.

You're either the Fittest or a Fitter.

The Fittest pit themselves against life's obstacles, trying to overcome problems through sheer effort and determination, using tactics that worked in the past or play to their strengths. Even if they win, they end up drained of vital energy needed for the next challenge. And the good life they might enjoy vanishes with significant changes in their environment. The Fittest don't always survive.

Fitters are different. They're flexible. They realise that life is a matter of adapt or die. So they do. Rather than resist the problem, they create the physical and mental resources they need to find solutions – to grow in their environment. And they thrive.

But adaptation takes time. And flexibility can be unnerving when you're so used to doing things one way. Positive change has always been difficult. Until now, that is.  

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Your Personal Guide Awaits

More than just another text book, the Mind Dynamix: Unlocking Authentic Personal Power book is a companion guide that explains the theory behind the science in detail. You'll learn:

  • Why Mind Dynamix works
  • Why your body is the key to fast, lasting change
  • How Mind Dynamix Profiling identifies your strengths and areas requiring growth, behavioural patterns, talents and communication style in a way psychometric testing can't
  • How Mind Dynamix explores your mind in 3D – your Integrated Zone Profile, Stress Zone Profile and Expert Zone Profile
  • How to use Mind Dynamix Profiles to identify where you've grown admirably and where you could use some help
  • Great guidance on how to build a more powerful, adaptable you
  • All the details of 16 specially developed neural Gear Changers – called Mind Moves – that can help you become the person you want to be
  • And more