Develop Your CQ: Corporate Intelligence
Mind Dynamix for Business

If organisations are made up of people, how good is yours? Do you have a high CQ – corporate intelligence created by many minds and talents working as one towards your success? Mind Dynamix can help you to redefine, reshape and rebuild your company for high performance and high output.

Recruitment Selection

Leverage the secrets of neuroscience for a new recruitment paradigm. Developing employees to meet your needs is far costlier than finding the right people in the first place. But written psychometric tests, based on feedback from candidates, don't always present a precise picture.

Your body can't lie. Mind Dynamix biofeedback assessments measure unconscious physical signals to reveal your candidate's true strengths and areas requiring growth. Our reports accurately describe their core competencies and how well they fit the position on offer. And the results for that candidate are the same each time they're tested.

Career Development

You've already hired many employees and that's what you've got to work with. Mind Dynamix can help you there too. The same biofeedback assessments we employ for recruitment can uncover the abilities and growth areas of your current staff. But here's the good news: we've developed 16 easy-to-use neural Gear Changers  – called Mind Moves – that strengthen areas of concern, boost capabilities and produce well-rounded performers. And once you know what your people naturally do best, you'll be able to guide them on an intelligent career path so they end up fulfilling their greatest potential.

Team building

Create a unified team that moves together in a single direction – the right one. Mind Dynamix uses three distinct neural profiles to determine how team members interact – especially under pressure – and how well they organise and use their collective abilities. Then we'll empower them to blast through performance barriers for good.

Get more information on our Team Building page.

Leadership development

Eventually, even leaders need direction. When you want to go further faster, Mind Dynamix can get you there. Our one-of-a-kind biofeedback assessment will provide you with your personal blueprint for success. It's easy. Just sit back as we interpret the neural reflexes that reveal the areas of your mind-body you've actively developed from birth and the ones you need to strengthen to get further. Our three comprehensive reports – your Integrated Zone profile, Expert Zone profile and Stress Zone profile – will show you how to catapult yourself to leadership excellence.

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