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Lana van Niekerk_2.jpeg

Lana van Niekerk

BA Hons. Communication.  Higher Education Diploma.  Communication Manager.
Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner.


Where in the world? 

I am based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

About me:

As the Communication Manager of the Mind Moves Institute, founded by Dr Melodie de Jager, I have been involved with the Mind Dynamix Profiles on various levels since 2009. My passion is people and to give people hope.  The gratification that one gets when you see how a client changes into a different person, during a Mind Dynamix session, is priceless. Not only does Mind Dynamix explain why you are uniquely who you are, but it also grants you the opportunity to become even more. That is why I love the Mind Dynamix tool and want to make it my mission to share its empowering effect on your being and your relationships.

Contact me: lanavanniekerk1@gmail.com


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