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Miranda F. Walichowski, Ph.D.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. I have a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University and presently creating and accrediting a coaching program at Texas A&M University. Currently, I do research on team effectiveness, coaching, and resilience. In addition, I am the principal and founder of MiraNous Coaching and Consulting where we are about the business of human development architecture - helping develop leadership, professional, and personal capacity for those working in the people-focused and helping professions. 

Where in the world? 

I am based in College Station, Texas, United States of America. I work with clients globally as long as they speak English or Spanish.

About me:

As an amateur master’s, 63kg class, competitive powerlifter, I have come to appreciate the concept of linear progression. In human development architecture terms, this translates into helping people get incrementally better and then building on top of that new capacity. In my coaching approach, I help with the progression from resilience to growth mindset which culminates into anti-fragility.

My theoretical framework for human development necessitates bringing forth awareness and understanding of the mind. This is why I was immediately drawn to the concept of Mind Dynamix. The brain is integral to human development architecture. Understanding how one’s brain, uniquely, inputs, processes, and executes on information accelerates the path to self-awareness, making changes and growth.

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Mobile: +19797398299



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