Philip Hourquebie, CEO, Ernst & Young, South Africa

"The brain profile is a valuable tool which quickly and easily provides one with an understanding of oneself in terms of how you receive, process and transmit information.  It helped me to better understand many of my own characteristics as to why I tend to do certain things and how I can make greater use of the skills which are unique to my profile."

Teresa Otto, CEO, Beaufort Institute

“The best investment we have made this year.”

Manager, Oracle

“It feels like my ducks are at last in a row.” 

Dana Roets, Vice President, Head of Operations Free State Division, Goldfields.

“Excellent, absolutely essential to knowing and understanding yourself and your team.  I have seen myself and some of my colleagues blossom after our sessions.”

Prometheus Mabuza, Manager for International NGO

“When she did the muscle testing I thought it was absurd but when she discussed her findings and elaborated on my profile she was right on target.  I will definitely continue to engage her for the follow up work.  She has opened up the possibility for me to think differently about myself.” 

DS C Le Roux, NH Gemeente, Stellenbosch/Worcester

"I am very impressed with the way Melodie developed her knowledge in the brain profiles to something that really works in practise and really makes a difference in people's lives."

Marius Swanepoel, ABSA Manager, Contact Centre Business Support

“The brain profile analysis is key for the individual in understanding service and how they fit in the bigger society.  An extremely well composed analysis in terms of how different people complement one another or a team and are a key part of the organization composition where people need to interact with one another.”

Bill Price, Director, Leadership and Strategic Coaching Institute and Academy

“THANK YOU – Your presentation added the sparkle and lustre to the Thinking School Conference.  Adding value, with passion and energy is what you did so well.  I salute you for challenging, informing and educating us all.” 

Jonathan Blackmore, Partner, Ernst & Young, Business Risk Services

“I found the Brain Profile intervention most valuable.  It gave me additional insights as to how I receive and process information.  The output was very accurate and consistent with other personality profiles I have undertaken.  An added benefit of the process was the immediate feedback one received.” 

Dorothy Sekhukhune, Director of Clinical Services and Development, Lifecare Special Health Services

“As soon as I started to pursue what was said to me, my life just woke up and everything has meaning WOW!!! What a programme!  Thank you Melodie for assisting me to enter into the unknown pane of my JOHARI window.  Exciting great stuff came out of this pane.”

Chariska Fourie, Senior Divisional Analyst Abbott Laboratories South Africa

“Overall it was a very positive experience for me and it exceeded all expectations. I was surprised at how spot on the feedback was and it gave me a lot of insights about myself. I had such a great session I started recommending it immediately”.