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What is Mind Dynamix?

“It is no longer about the survival of the fittest, it is about the survival of the fitters.” Thomas Malloy.

“The unit of survival is the most flexible organism-in-its-environment.” Gregory Bates, renowned anthropologist.

You're either the Fittest or a Fitter. The Fittest try to outlast their environment. The Fitter adapts to it. And in a modern world of constant change, the Fittest find their limited approach of sheer determination and “time-tested” behaviours downright energy-draining. The Fittest don't always survive.

If your organisation or group is made up of Fittest thinkers, it's time to change gears.

Unlocking Your Authentic Personal Power

If you're worried about the performance of your organisation, there's new hope. Unlocking Your Authentic Personal Power: How Neuroscience Drives Talent is a revelatory insight into the operation of human thinking and behaviour, and an inspiring exposition on the ability of anyone to change, adapt and outperform their previous best.

Fitters – those who seem to adapt effortlessly to an ever changing world – are the future. And with the knowledge and training embodied in Mind Dynamix, anyone can become a Fitter with little effort. The audience will come away knowing how to change gears to manage their perceptions, thinking, feelings and actions, both personally and professionally.

So book Ruan de Jager, CEO of Mind Dynamix, for an eye-opening, motivational presentation that will breath new life into your people, with fresh insights they can put to use right away.

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