Find Your Team's Power Button
Mind Dynamix for Teams

Team members sometimes withdraw from each other under stress. When that happens, the team stops functioning effectively. It's time to get them back on track.

Mind Dynamix holds that there are two main reasons that team members stop working well together: conflicts in the Expert Zone or activation of the Stress Zone.

Conflicts in the Expert Zone

A team member's Expert Zone Profile is a map of their areas of dominant proficiency. When two or more members share opposite  profiles, the opportunity for conflict is high. At that point, they start digging their heals in to promote their own outlook. Or they distance themselves from constructive dialogue to protect their values.

Activation of the Stress Zone

A team member's Stress Zone Profile determines how they conserve their energy during difficult times, usually by shutting down certain dominant areas in their Expert Zone. When a team is under stress as a whole, members may withhold their Expert contribution to protect themselves. And productivity drops significantly.

Either way, your organisation is the ultimate loser.

Mind Dynamix Team Building

Mind Dynamix Team Building doesn't just return your stagnant team to normal operation. It boosts performance dramatically by teaching team members how to power through barriers created by their individual Stress Zones. Knowing this secret allows them to re-engage with confidence. And they'll learn how to organise their collective abilities to the benefit of corporate goals instead of self assertion.

Team Building is executed in two distinct phases:


Individual Mind Dynamix Profiles are determined during a one-on-one session with each team member. Appointments are made for 75 minutes per individual and profiles are determined through biofeedback – a simple scientific muscle response test. The test results are available immediately and are discussed with the individuals. A comprehensive report is given during the session and a summary report is e-mailed directly thereafter. The individual also receives the Mind Dynamix: Unlocking Authentic Personal Power book, a detailed companion guide to Mind Dynamix to enhance effectiveness.


  • Assessment.
  • Individual feedback.
  • Summary report.
  • The Mind Dynamix: Unlocking Authentic Personal Power book.
Team Feedback Session

Team feedback can be delivered in one of two ways:

Direct Team Feedback

Once all the team members’ profiles have been compiled, a feedback session is facilitated with the entire team and their team manager. This focuses on sharing relevant information from each profile with the aim of better understanding the team dynamics. The result is improved communication, interpersonal relationships and enhanced awareness of each other's strengths and challenges. This session is presented to foster team spirit and capacity building.

Team Manager Feedback

The feedback from the profiles is presented to and discussed with the manager or his appointed representative during a one-on-one session with a profiler.

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