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Debbi Nathan

Debbi Nathan ISSA, CMA has enjoyed a wellness coaching career spanning 30 years. Her qualifications include Pilates instructor and personal trainer, Advanced Translation Nutrigenomics practitioner, Eating Psychology Coach, and Integrative Sports Nutrition Practitioner.

Debbi has co-authored and published two books, Eat to Heal and Cooking for Your Genes which has been nominated for the Gourmand World Cookbooks award.


Where in the world? 

I am currently based in London, UK.

About me:

My interest in becoming a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner was confirmed by having my profile conducted.  

My vision is to introduce the Mind Dynamix Profiling Instrument alongside many of the genetic lifestyle tests that I use to help my clients understand their authentic blueprint. Nothing functions optimally, nor does it fall apart, in isolation. We are complex and unique beings and should take full responsibility for our ability to thrive, rather than just survive.

My practice and beliefs are centered on nutrition and movement. Nutrigenomics alongside Mind Dynamix profiling will benefit anyone.

Chronic stress now appears to be the underlying cause of multiple issues surrounding inflammation, which is the underlying cause of most chronic disease and the Mind Dynamix perspective on stress will enhance my aim of preventative interventions.

My focus is on molecular resilience. Genes are so responsive to interventions and their plasticity can be hugely advantageous. The Mind Dynamix Profiling instrument lends itself perfectly to this scenario as it plots an individual’s default behaviour when in flow, the expert zone, and the stress zone. The coaching interventions, called Mind Moves are designed to increase plasticity in neural networks, resulting in vitality, efficiency, concentration, and productivity whether at work or at play.

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Mobile: +447804509524



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