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Not yet a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner?

Are you a qualified coach, psychologist, human resource professional or qualified trainer?  Then find out more about how to join our growing community of Accredited Practitioners using the Mind Dynamix Brain Profiling Instrument to enhance, accelerate and empower your Professional Practice.


While this website will provide you with a quick overview of our offering, we run regular webinars providing qualified coaches, trainers and professional insight to the application of the MDPI.


In the meantime, if you would like more information on the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument and how to become an Accredited Practitioner please give us your details and hit the send button.

Dr. Melodie de Jager.png


Founder and the mind behind Mind Dynamix and Mind Moves.

DAen Klatzko.png


International Programme Director &

Mind Dynamix Profile Master Trainer