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Join our growing community of Accredited Practitioners using the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument to enhance, accelerate and empower your professional practice.

Better understand the most powerful and unique
asset you already own, your brain, to enhance self understanding and performance for both yourself
and your coaching clients!

Sounds like a good idea? Then the Mind Dynamix
Profile Instrument Accredited Practitioner
programme is unquestionably
your opportunity to
step into the Mastermind arena

A new opportunity has opened for you, the coaching professional, with the relaunch of the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument (MDPI) Accreditation Programme.  Following over 10 years of empowering individuals, to better understand their unique excellence and the ability for self-management and development, MDPI is entering a new era of exclusive access to the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument via MDPI Accredited Practitioners for a superior customer experience!

The MDPI Accreditation Programme is run live via Zoom, over two days, with a MDPI Master Trainer.

Our next intake will be taking place on Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 August commencing at 09h00 CAT (Central African Time) each day.

Our inaugural programmes in July & August attract a $300 discount! Secure your spot for only $ 450 including your personal MDPI Profile plus your first client profile free.

Access to a scientifically formulated, innovative mind profiling instrument based on the latest findings in neuroscience. 

Includes your own personal MDPI Profile as well as your first client MDPI profile assisted by a Master Practitioner.

Programme includes practical guidelines on price modelling and how to build this instrument into your unique, individual coaching model.

An extensive training manual to deepen your coaching body of knowledge and techniques, beyond the

MDPI instrument.

Practical coaching guidelines demonstrating the range of application. From individual to team and from performance enhancement to career re-purposing.

The convenience of a single-source MPDI Report that can be used for any client profile from the C-Suite to student.

Ongoing support in the form of promotional assistance, monthly MDPI Community of Practice support meetings and access to new instrument and application ideas as they evolve.

8.5 hours Core Competency

7 hours of Resource Development

To accommodate differing time zones around the world the Mind Dynamix Institute additionally offers a 7 part X 3 hour program to allow our prospective Accredited Practitioners in the USA, Canada and Australia access to our Master Trainers. Should you be interested, included this in your "Book Now" message below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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