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Welcome to the Mind Dynamix 

Profile Instrument

The Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument provides you with a 3D perspective of your brain.

Your super-power engine is far more than left (logical) or right (creative) dominant. One day soon we will each be able to afford an in-depth, three-dimensional analysis of our brains, along with visual imaging and detailed tracking of the neural activity to better understand what we possess. But for now, we have the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument (MDPI) that provides a richness of insight working off a base of 128 different profile combinations. It is truly unique and innovative. Your personal profile will be unpacked in a three dimensional perspective for you by one of our Accredited Practitioners. 

mind dynamix p_im@2x.png

The power of 3 continues.

In addition to the 3D perspective of your brain your Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner will provide you with a further depth of insight through three lenses:

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Lens 1

Your MDPI report unpacks your brain to find your areas of dominance. We like to refer to these as the “experts” running around in your head. Some are left or right brain, others are front or back and more are found at the top or bottom. But we don’t stop there. It extends to understanding how you, as an individual, absorb information, process it and then take action. If you prefer computer-lingo we can refer to INPUT, PROCESSING and OUTPUT capabilities.

Artboard 27 copy 2@2x.png

Lens 2

It’s really exciting to understand where your natural expertise lies. Sadly though, thanks to the pressure of the life we live, some of your expertise powers down when you are under stress. So the second dimension we unpack is your Mind Dynamix Stress Profile.  Forewarned is forearmed, right? This profile is going to explain a lot about why you respond as you do under stress and will serve as a guide to managing this stress a whole lot more effectively.

Artboard 27 copy@2x.png

Lens 3

The third dimension is where your Accredited Practitioner, as your guide on this journey, will help you unpack the gaps between what you would like to achieve for yourself and help you understand where you need to add performance or capacity to bring you to an Integrated Profile. The aim is to then consider how you can move forward.

But wait there’s more!

Your Mind Dynamix Profile Report includes a programme of Mind Moves tools designed to move you forward.


“The development of the mind comes through movement.”

Maria Montessori

At the Mind Dynamix Institute when we talk about moving people forward, we are not only talking figuratively. We literally want you to move! People were not designed to sit still for hours at a time. Movement does not only increase blood flow to your brain but has a direct neuroscientific effect.


Each MDPI profile report includes a personalised programme of physical, neurologically founded, Mind Moves. These performance boosting movements will never work up a sweat but rather communicates with the structure and architecture of the brain.

“Learning and performance don’t only happen in your brain, they are grounded in your senses and muscles.”

Dr. Melodie de Jager

Mind Moves have been tried and tested for 16 years with a diversity of people from executives in the C-suite to the entry level employees. Because Mind Moves are based on sound physiology principles: you don’t need to “believe” they will work for them to work. If you replace a fused light bulb, the light will shine, if you reconnect a loose wire, it will produce results. The same goes for doing Mind Moves – it simply works.


Use it, don’t use it. The power lies in your hands (and feet, legs, arms, neck, eyes, fingers…). The simplicity of Mind Moves might seem too easy to be effective so, first, give your Professional Profiler the opportunity to take you through your Mind Moves and give it a try. After all, wouldn’t it be good leadership style to give your experts a bit of help?

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Get your profile done by a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner.


Not yet a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner?

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