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How to get a profile

Now that we’ve got you all excited about meeting your brain, you may be disappointed to find out that you have to wait just a bit, so that we can link you with a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner. We have sound reasons for doing this, and all of them are for your benefit. Here are a few:

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Self-completion questionnaires have limitations. 

We all have blind spots. The view you have, from the inside looking out, is often different to how others see us. Our Accredited Practitioners have been specifically trained to prepare you for this journey to ensure that you complete the process in the least biased manner possible.

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There is no such thing as the perfect brain.

The idea of completing a questionnaire has the effect of putting many people into “exam mode”, with the anxiety of either passing or making the grade. Your brain is your brain and the MDPi is the brief to understand your unique profile and expertise. Our Accredited Practitioners are trained to ensure that you embrace this positive journey and use the insights constructively.

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Understanding how to use Mind Moves. 

The magic lies in the moves! Once your Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner has introduced you to your brain, the final phase will be to explain the recommended combination of Mind Moves to get forward motion into your plan.

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This is not a strategy to tie you in to a bigger programme!

Our Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioners have each committed to a Code of Conduct. If you wish to extend the coaching relationship, beyond the Mind Dynamix Profiling instrument exercise, you are welcome to discuss this with your MDPi Accredited Practitioner directly.  This falls outside the framework of the Mind Dynamix Institute offering.

Ready to get started?

Please complete the submission form. It explains the process and the info you share will help us match you with the ideal Master or Accredited Practitioner. Either one will revert to you with a quotation or arrange further contact to find out more.

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