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The Mind

Dynamix Institute

The Mind Dynamix Institute is home to the Mind Dynamix Profile instrument. 


We have a single-minded goal: To enable individuals to discover the boundless possibilities that come with knowledge of yourself. Perhaps that is why we constantly reference one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Aristotle, who advocated that:


“Wisdom begins with knowledge of yourself.”


The Mind Dynamix Profile instrument is the brainchild of our founder, Dr. Melodie de Jager, Developmental Specialist, Educator, Keynote Speaker and a widely published author of 12 books translated into Spanish, Chinese, Russian and numerous other languages. 


Dr de Jager partnered with Dawn Klatzko, an accomplished adwoman and now Business & Executive Coach, author and professional speaker, in 2019, to take the Mind Dynamix Profile instrument to the broader global market via a network of MDPi Accredited Practitioners.


We believe in a process of continuous evolution and are constantly tracking the latest neuroscientific and human sciences research to ensure that our Mind Dynamix Profiling instrument remains innovative and empowering.  

Dr. Melodie de Jager.png

Dr. Melodie de Jager

Founder and the mind behind Mind Dynamix and Mind Moves.


Mind Moves and the Mind Dynamix Profile instrument are merely two of the results of Dr. Melodie de Jager’s lifetime of work. Literally decades! A focus on how to maximize the potential of the brain, from your first breath to your last, is the stuff that she gets out of bed for every day – very often with a 3.30 am start. Her reputation is global with several of her 12 books having been translated into Chinese, Russian, Spanish and more. And why she gets invited around the world to speak to educators and neuroscientists.

Is your brain asking for more detail?


Dawn Klatzko

International Programme Director and Mind Dynamix Profile Master Trainer


Most of Dawn Klatzko’s career was as an adwoman and most of that was spent building up her own ad agency. Her love of brand building and talent led her to into her next career as a Business and Executive coach. Dawn happily shares that her introduction to Mind Dynamix, as a coaching tool, not only helped her understand her own brain properly for the first time, but has helped her accelerate the results with each and every coaching client since then.  Her passion and application of Mind Dynamix led Dr. de Jager to invite Dawn to partner in taking this incredible instrument to the world.

Is your brain asking for more detail?


Get your profile done by a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner.


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