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Dawn Klatzko

International Programme Director & Mind Dynamix Profile Master Trainer


Most of Dawn Klatzko’s career was as an adwoman and most of that was spent building up her own ad agency. Her love of brand building and talent led her to into her next career as a Business and Executive coach. Dawn happily shares that her introduction to Mind Dynamix, as a coaching tool, not only helped her understand her own brain properly for the first time, but has helped her accelerate the results with each and every coaching client since then.  Her passion and application of Mind Dynamix led Dr. de Jager to invite Dawn to partner in taking this incredible instrument to the world.


Dawn Klatzko (CSP) is a Business & Executive Coach and Professional Speaker. Dawn’s particular areas of focus are High Performance Team Coaching, Leadership Support, Women in Business and Entrepreneurial Development. She supports her range of coaching with numerous accreditations in the area of High Peformance teams, Resilience, Conflict Dynamix and more.


Dawn brings a wealth of Brand Building experience to the Mind Dynamix Programme having built a highly successful career in the advertising world including building her own ad agency over 20 years.  Dawn’s first book, The Art of the Suit, provides practical guidance on how to implement an environment for the success of your ideas and business.


Whilst Dawn has enjoyed the benefits of a multitude of psychometric tests over the years, her own personal experience of Mind Dynamix led her to incorporating this phenomenal tool as a primary means of assisting her coaching clients.  Quoting Dawn: “While I really thought I understood my profile, the Mind Dynamix exercise blew me away with the insight I gained into how and why I respond and function in certain ways. It has become a pre-requisite for my coaching clients because of how much time we both save to gain insight to achieving goals.” Her belief in and passion for the Mind Dynamix Profiling Instrument ultimately led her to partnership with Dr. Melodie de Jager to broaden the reach to the Professional Coaching fraternity.


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