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Bonnie Förster

About me:

I am Bonnie Förster, leadership coach and strategic sparring partner (and author).


My passion is working with leaders in organisations to support them in getting better connected with themselves and lead on basis of authenticity. That is where true power lies and what makes you and your people happy in the workplace. Which in turn creates a better world.


My years of experience as a lobbyist & communication expert in international, complex political and commercial environments, make me a strong leadership coach and sparring partner. That and my (academic) education on a wide variety of subjects.


I love to discover and learn that’s why I embraced Mind Dynamix. It’s part of my toolbox and allows me to dive deeper with clients into a world of self knowledge and awareness. It also allows me to give teams insight into their cooperation. They discover their individual strengths and where improvement in working together lies.My life’s mission is being happy and for me that means (amongst other things) being actively part of creating a better world.


Where in the world? I live in the Netherlands with my extended family, in the country amidst nature and our animals. I work with people worldwide.

Contact me:


Mobile: +31 648209122



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