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Bonnie Förster

MDPI Accredited Pracitioner, Executive Coach, Strategic Sparring Partner and author of Verbinding als geluksbrenger, leiderschapsstijl en groeimodel.

Whatever my professional title, I have one superpower - my intuition. With that in my pocket I’m able to connect people. To themselves and to each other. This allows them to live and work from their core and core beliefs. It inspires and motivates them to realize their mission in life. 


Where in the world? 

I live in the Netherlands and work there mostly. I love to work with people worldwide and luckily online possibilities allow me to do so!

About me:

I’ve worked as a communication expert and lobbyist in international, complex, political environments. This experience facilitated me in developing my intuition. This proved to be my added value, specifically in business surroundings where rationality often rules. My insight into what lies beneath the top of the iceberg, makes it possible to create movement on that level. I create, improve and develop a connection between people. This allows them to work together more effectively and efficiently. Even if they have different interests. 

That’s what I wanted more of: connection and awareness. So I started my own business.


Nowadays I work as an executive coach. I support leaders to better connect with themselves and work from their inner strength. I also work as a strategic sparring partner and support leaders with a desire to move their organisation in a different direction in order to contribute to a better world.

That’s my life’s mission: being actively part of creating a better world.

Contact me:

Email: bonnie@forster.nl

Mobile: +31 648209122

Website: www.bonnie.forster.nl


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