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Carol D. Binzer

I hold a doctorate from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Adult & Higher Education, an M.S. Ed. in College Student Development (Alfred University, New York), and a B.B.A.  (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Management (College of William & Mary, Virginia).

My work and career have centered on college campuses for over 35 years, with a range of roles and responsibilities including: Student Affairs Administrator, Leadership Development Specialist and department administrator. This journey has required that I fulfil many roles from director to counselor, consultant, mediator, mentor, and teacher. It has also motivated me to secure a multitude of certifications related to facilitation, crisis response, bystander intervention, conflict management, mediation, and leadership.

Currently, I am pursuing certification as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, anticipating completion before September 2021.


Where in the world? 

From the United States, I currently live in College Station, Texas, home to Texas A&M University.  With a broad network of family and friends around the globe and the beauty of technology, I am open to coaching persons located anywhere in the world, as long as you speak English!

About me:

My bespoke coaching program, “In Finitude” encourages individuals, with limiting beliefs or fixed mindsets, to expand their thinking and construct a fresh view of a future with no limits. The Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument has enhanced my ability to construct a sound foundation of expertise upon which to build this new perspective.

In the spirit of sharing: my top five strengths according to Strengths Quest are: Empathy, Individuation, Connectedness, Communication and WOO (Winning Others Over).  My Myers-Briggs Profile is ESFJ.  As an extroverts’ extrovert, engaging in meaningful conversation and being of service to others is my highest calling. Add to this my status as the oldest child in my family and you have some understanding for my sincere regard for people and the ease with which I connect with others.

Additionally, I have spent more than 15 years involved with not-for-profit boards, fundraising and community service, providing me with contextual experiences and understanding, so I have a great appreciation for those who work in leadership as board members and directors.

I enjoy travel, am an avid walker, and enjoy college sports as a spectator. Otherwise, I have a variety of interests and enjoy sharing in them with others, such as handcrafts, reading/learning, and some years ago ballroom dancing.

Contact me:

Email: or

Mobile: +1-979-412-1025


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