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Chiwila Mumba-Black

I am Chiwila Mumba-Black, a leadership and life coach.


My passion is to work with emerging leaders at various points in their careers to help them develop their proficiency and discover their potential.

As a coach, I believe that everyone brings their unique skills and strengths to the table. My goal is to be a partner and help guide my clients through their journey to maximize their professional and personal potential.

I began my career as an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry and then transitioned into a Learning and Development professional. As an emerging leader in the Oil & Gas industry, I experienced the challenge of moving from an individual contributor to a team leader. Using this experience and my passion for developing people, I am well equipped to assist others in becoming successful and fulfilled in their careers and lives.

I am a science nerd and I am very interested in how the brain works. Mind Dynamix gives me a great tool to use when helping my clients recognize and enhance their strengths.

In addition to my Engineering degree, I have an MBA from Texas A&M-Commerce. I am currently working on a master’s in educational human resource development with an emphasis in Adult Education with the end goal to obtain a Ph.D. in the same.


Where in the world? 

I am based in Dallas, TX, USA but have worked with clients as far away as South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand.  

Contact me:



Mobile: +1.972.737.6658

WhatsApp Number:  +1.972.974.7951


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