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Jackie Dhaeyere

BSocSci Honours Degree in Psychology (cum laude). Formerly in corporate roles at SAB, KFC and Coca-Cola, now a Life Coach and Independent Market Research consultant specialising in applied neuroscience.  On the coaching side, I am a certified NLP Practitioner and an MDPI Accredited Practitioner.  On the research side, I specialise in neuro-informed research techniques and design, working in association with Cloud Army Network.  I have 10 years of in-depth "neuro" experience, applying the principles of mind science (neuroscience, behavioural economics, social psychology and cognitive psychology) to coaching, marketing and market research. 


Where in the world? 

Whilst I am based in Johannesburg, I work with clients all over SA as well as globally. If we're connecting digitally, we can work together no matter where you're situated.

About me:

Applied neuroscience and my appreciation for the incredible value it offers is the central theme underpinning what I've studied and the career choices I've made.  My most recent passion is helping people to grow and to develop personally so that they can live their best lives and be their best selves in whichever endeavours they choose.  Both NLP and the Mindynamix Profiling Instrument are key to achieving this. 

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