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Jackie Dhaeyere

BSocSci Honours Degree in Psychology (cum laude). Formerly in corporate roles, now an Independent Market Research consultant, working in association with Cloud Army Network, with 10 years of in-depth "neuro" experience, applying the principles of mind science (neuroscience, behavioural economics, social psychology and cognitive psychology) to marketing and market research.  MDPI Accredited Practitioner.


Where in the world? 

Whilst I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I work with clients mainly in the UK and the USA, as well as within SA. But if we're connecting digitally, we can work together no matter where you're situated.

About me:

It is my passion for understanding what drives people to behave and think the way they do that is the central theme underpinning what I've studied and the career choices I've made.

My exposure to neuroscience and behavioural economics, more than 10 years ago, represented a significant turning point in the work I was doing and the thinking I subscribed to.  Since then, the application of mind science principles in the work I do, has only served to intensify my appetite and solidify my belief in what the true drivers are, of why we are how we are and how we habitually and naturally tend to behave.

My most recent foray into this field has been an incredibly exciting one of becoming a Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioner. The insights that the Mind Dynamix Profiling Instrument offers are invaluable in understanding yourself and in appreciating your unique skills and expertise. The practical exercises that it suggests, allow one, through regular repetition, to develop new neural pathways and to optimize whole brained-ness. They are thereby empowering, enabling one to develop new skills and make the changes or achieve the goals that one prioritises. The fact that the instrument, as well as the Mind Moves, are founded on neuroscience and embrace the theory of neuroplasticity, serve to reinforce this instrument's credibility and competitive advantage over some of the more traditional tools I have used.

Contact me: jackie@dhaeyere.co.za


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