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Dr. Pierre de Rohan Naquet

I hold a Doctorate in Economic Sciences and Finance. I am a licensed psychologist in behavioral and industrial psychology. Certified as an International Executive Coach
(CCL), I am a graduate of the Aspen Executive Seminar on Leadership, and Good Society (USA). I am a Coach and Leadership Advisor, Trainer and Facilitator working in French, English and German. I am a Faculty member with Mercer (UK), Limitless (UK) and Conversant (US).


Where in the world? 

While I spend most of my time all over Europe, my client base is around the world.

About me:

Throughout my career, I worked at senior levels, contributing to the development of business strategy and performance. After 20 years of experience in the financial sector working for leading companies such as Credit Chimique, Swiss Bank Corp and Morgan Stanley, I was curious to understand people behaviours and their impact on personal performance.


Having completed my studies in behavioural psychology, and as an International Executive Coach, working through my business "Executive Advisor International" (France) for now more than 25 years, I understand that behavioural Self­-awareness approaches are essential for sustainable development. Today, I am working with executives and their teams on their Leadership challenges, especially in the fields of Power and Emotional management, Conflict management, Resilience at the workplace, Personal Value, Style, influence and Self-worth indicators, Trust Dynamics, Mind Dynamix, and the Entrepreneur mindset.


Eight years ago, wishing to share my expertise, I created The European Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD-Europe) in Paris. It is a training and accreditation organization for coaches and/or HR managers as well as organization universities that are interested in developing their leadership coaching expertise and knowledge on approaches and tools like the CDP conflict tool, the EMP entrepreneur mindset tool, the R@W resilience Scale and IVP-PSI Leadership Style and Value Preference indicator, SWI Self-Worth indicator, CCS Collaborative Communication Skills, Trust Building Dynamics, and Mind Dynamix Indicator.


These approaches and coaching tools, in bringing self-awareness and development paths to self-mastery are recognized as effective in enhancing in a sustainable way, Leadership performance and well-being for individual, leaders, and teams

Contact me via:


Mobile: +33675908347



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