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Making the Invisible, Visible. A peek into the coach's toolbox.

There is a wealth of profiling tools available to anyone that wants to find out more about what makes up the person you are. Historically these tools, or instruments, have focused primarily on psycho-metrics.

The range available today is even broader so how do you decide which would be best for you, or for your client if you are the coach?

Dawn Klatzko and Kate Turner are both highly experienced coaches and accreditation trainers. Kate is the founder of and accredits professionals on the Motivational Maps tool and Dawn is a Master Trainer at and accredits practitioners on the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument.

With a common vision and insight to the power of tools, Kate and Dawn have had numerous discussions around the role of these tools and how they can be best used for results. This led them to record one of their debates and to share this video. Here is a link to this interesting and transparent discussion around these two powerful profile tools.

To find out more you can contact:

Dawn at or visit

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