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Our Mind Dynamix Accredited Practitioners cover the globe!

It was energising to meet up with the animated community of Mind Dynamix Institute Accredited Practitioners last night! My thanks to Tania Joffe CEO of Unu Health for sharing her leadership and team experience of this powerful instrument and to Dr Melodie de Jager for providing us all with deeper insight to the benefits of understanding our preferred sensory modality. We might all be a bit zoomed out but it is fantastic when you can pull together minds from around the world! Our gratitude to the MD Accredited Practitioners that joined the conversation -

Colleen Moss, Stefaan van den Heever and Claudio Chistè from South Africa, Debbi Nathan in the UK, Bonnie Förster in the Netherlands, Pierre David de Rohan Naquet and Willem Royaards in France, Carol Binzer and Chiwila Mumba-Black, CPTD from the USA and Marko Rossi from Finland. Until the next community gathering! #coachingtoolkit #mindynamix #community #supervision #sharedlearning #coachinginsights #selfawareness #support #globalreach #growth

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